I was morose. I lay on my bed in pain. It was excruciating. My face contorted and my mind was filled with memories from my past; the happy and the sad. I just lay there wondering when this would all get over; not that I wanted to die. Nobody wants to but has to.

I was just about to close my eyes when she came. I looked at her. She had not aged a day since I last looked upon her and that was seventeen years before. We had never met since then. She was never in town. Was it sheer coincidence today I thought? That she should come in just when I was about to die.

She looked at me. Her eyes were scarlet red and there was a cold feeling about her. She sat nearby on a stool beside my bed.”How would you like not to die?” she asked.

I would definitely want that, I thought. But that was not possible.

She seemed to read my thoughts. “That is definitely possible. I know you want it, but do you want it bad?”

I looked confused.

“Do not be. There is a way to cheat death. You can be immortal. Live for eternity. Would you want to?”


She smiled. Then something happened which I had not expected. Her teeth grew large and she bit into her own skin. Crimson blood flowed from her wrists and she placed them onto my mouth. Once her blood seeped into my body, she removed them and with a deft move snapped my neck.

Four hours later, I woke up with a start. My head was exploding. I looked around. She was there no more. Everything around was more brighter than before. I looked into the mirror opposite me. My eyes were as red as hers.

I heard someone coming. My senses were more sharp. I could hear thumps of heartbeat, the rushing of blood through the veins. The door opened to reveal my servant. I could not control it. The craving. I felt ripping her head off, drink her blood and satisfy my hunger. That is exactly what I did. Later when she slumped to the floor, I regretted it. I should not have killed her. I tried to make her get up but unfortunately she was beyond any help.

My eyes were still red and it was growing more crimson. I opened up my mouth and saw I had huge fang like teeth, sharp and pointed. Then a thought crossed my mind. I had died and yet lived. I had become a VAMPIRE.

(Disclaimer: Written For Facebook Group Scribbler’s Ink Writers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/351022088275863/)


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