Daily Prompt : Jealousy

She sat alone at the coffee shop. The seat opposite her, which was usually occupied with her best friend Caroline, was empty. She had not come today. It was weird. Their friendship was strained of late. She knew not why. Despite the number of attempts she had made to speak with her, she had failed. She frankly did not know what the problem was. It was three months and they had not spoken like they used to.

As the waiter served a cup of hot coffee, she reminisced about their times together. They were so happy. People admired their friendship, took a note from them. Cherry and Caroline. That was all the people talked about. Their friendship was adorable. Their bonds were strong yet now shaken. Why? She did not know and neither would Caroline speak up to her.

During these last three months, Cherry’s mood would often go mad, feel depressed, solitary, alone. She was an extrovert only when Caroline would be around, that happy go lucky person. Now that Caroline no longer accompanied her, she was getting morose day by day. If only Caroline would speak up, she would try to solve the differences that now seemed to threaten their friendship.

She entered the coffee shop atlast. Cherry saw her go to the counter with her sharp eyes. She got up. She meant finally to confront her. She wanted to and she would get it out of her today.

When Caroline was about to get out of the coffee shop bearing the takeaway coffee in her hands, Cherry stepped in front of her. Caroline tried to dodge but Cherry stood firm.

“Not this time, Caroline. You will have to tell me what your problem is. Why haven’t you been speaking to me? Tell me.” She placed her hands on Caroline’s shoulders and looked at her pleadingly.

Caroline looked down below at the marbled floor and then raised her eyes to look at Cherry. “The problem is you, Cherry. You steal my thunder everytime. People speak of our friendship but it is you they adore. Not me. I know what people speak about me when I am alone. It is always you who gets the attention. Cherry, this, Cherry, that, Cherry, go do this, Cherry, go do that. Even with me around. People never look at me. Even I crave the attention you get. You are pretty, I am not. Maybe that is why. And then when I began to have a crush of Alaric, he proposed you and then you were together. How am I to feel about that? That was the final straw.”

Cherry looked plainly at her and said, “You are jealous of me?”

Caroline was in tears, almost. “Yes” she replied.

Cherry said, “You don’t have to be, Caroline. We are friends and friends don’t get jealous of each other. Who cares what people say about you? They are total strangers. We are not. Are we? It is what I think that should count, Caroline, not what others think. And Alaric, if he is coming between us, then I will let him go, Caroline. I will.”

Caroline looked at her and then burst into tears.

“I am sorry, Cher”

“It is okay, Caroline.”

Then they hugged each other tight, which they had not done for three long months.

“I missed you” said Caroline.

“I missed you too”

Saying, they removed themselves and smiled.

“Coffee?” asked Caroline.

Cherry smiled.

(Disclaimer: Written For Facebook Group Scribbler’s Ink Writers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/351022088275863/)


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