Daily Prompt: Rebound

She woke up with a start. Her hands were holding the dark blue sheets.. Her head felt dizzy. She remembered she had drunk too much the night before. How she landed here, she did not know. She slowly got out of the bed, her feet feeling a little odd.

Cold wind gusted about through the windows. The sun was already up in the sky. She felt chilly and dressed up faster.

She walked to the windows and saw the tall skylines rising, huge towers climbing higher and higher as the eyesight could see. Her eyes were wet and tears streamed down her fair cheeks. What had she done? A folly. In that moment of madness, she had made herself vulnerable. It was tough, her breakup with Daniel. She had been with him a long time. Four years and that made it difficult for her to move on. Three weeks since she broke up with him, when she found him cheating on her. She had seen him kissing a blonde woman, a woman she knew worked with him in his office. How could he? After all she had done for him. She had loved him and he had betrayed her love with agony. Where had she gone wrong? Tears leapt down, the flow increasing.

Now, she had slept with someone. The bed was empty. The man must have left while she slept. What had made her do this? All she remembered of the day before was that she had entered a posh club and drunk in loads. Then, she remembered a man approach her, hold her by her arms as she wavered; and then they had talked, that sweet little talk which normally leads to sex.

She punched hard on the walls. She had done perhaps the wrong thing. It was the first sex after breakup. It was like a rebound. She had deliberately done it and this thought made her even worse.

She went back and sat on the bed, her face in her hands. She was crying and then, the door was pushed back and a man, six feet tall with black curly hair, entered bearing in his hands a tray on which was a silver tea kettle.

He placed it down and bent down on his knees. “Look at me.” he said, “Nothing happened. Do not worry. You were drunk and then you swooned. I had to bring you back here. I swear, nothing happened.”

She looked at him, a moment of happiness passing on her face, “Nothing happened?” she asked.

“Nothing.” he replied.

“All that talk….”

“You were just a little delirious, that is all.”

“Thank God.” She heaved a deep sigh of relief. “Thank You too. I am grateful.”

He looked at her, a smile upon his face. “Come, let us take you home now. But before, have some tea. I made it.”

She nodded. As he started pouring the hot steaming tea into the white painted cups, she leaned back against the bed and looked at the ceiling above. The club party was a rebound and she knew she would never do it again.

(Disclaimer: Written For Facebook Group Scribbler’s Ink Writers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/351022088275863/)


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