9/4/12: Daily Prompt

I rushed to the police station. My chest heaved and I was out of breath. I had come as fast as I possibly could.

Three hours back, I got a call saying my best friend had been arrested. For what, the message told not; only to hurry to the police station, two and a half hours from where I was at that time. I had packed my bags then and rushed here taking a crowded train and then a cab weaving through the heavy traffic on the roads.

I went down to the inspector’s desk and sat down. He looked at me, his eyebrows furrowed. I was sweating and in gasps, I asked about my friend Carlos. The Inspector sighed and said, “So you are his friend. We have been waiting for you. Your friend, Carlos, has been arrested.”

I asked, “On what charges?”

“For downloading music illegally. That is a serious crime. He will be charged and presented to the court of law soon. It is a non bailable offence, please note.”

I nodded my head and then, after a few moments, “Can I meet him?”

The Inspector stood up and beckoned to me, “This way.”

I followed him to where he was garrisoned. The Inspector left us alone and went back the way we had come. The constable beside the garrison watched us and we both felt uncomfortable under his stare.

“Fool you are, Carlos. What mess have you landed yourself into this time?”

“Look, this is not the time for this talk. You must go to my house and clear my PC as fast you can. I do not want the cops to find it. Delete everything. Better yet format the drives. Keep nothing.” he said, silently.

I was confused. “Why?”

“Do not ask questions now. Do this, please, I beg you. Do it. It is nothing, just some stuff I downloaded.”

I considered for a moment. If there was stuff which could incriminate my best friend more then I had to do what he said. “Ok, I will do it.” I replied.

Fifteen minutes ride later, I reached his apartment. I had a spare key and unlocked the door. I closed it behind me and rushed into the apartment. I pushed open the start button of the PC and sat down uncomfortably on a wooden chair. The PC was not password protected and I easily opened the Windows Explorer. I started pressing delete on every folder that seemed suspicious to me until I reached one which had been named ‘TOP SECRET’. I double clicked on it and inside it I saw various files. Seeing that, I just stood up, having pushed the chair behind. I was apalled, shocked. I could not believe it. My best friend, who I thought had known for years, was definitely not who he was. I was wrong in helping him. He had made me his aide. He was a damn DRUG PEDDLER.


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