8/30/12-Today’s Prompt:
You are looking down through the skylight as chefs prepare dinner for you ex-fiancés wedding..
Today’s Genre is Romance.

I do not know what I was doing there. Looking down through the skylight at the numerous chefs preparing a wonderful meal for the guests outside, I imagined smelling the aroma of it all. But thats not what I was here for. For now, the aroma mattered not; only the way I could meet my ex-fiance. Her wedding date neared and in my mind there was havoc. Why it had to be like this? All my fault, I knew.

It was a year back when I was engaged to this wonderful woman named Elizabeth, who I lovingly called Lizzie. We had been so together, loved each other and would not have broken up had not jealousy crept in. It was her childhood friend, James. His entry into our lives had caused a great upheaval in our relationship. She would spend time with him, more than she did with me. James had come into town for a while. He had completed his degree and was looking for work. Till then, he had free time and most of it, he used to spend time with Lizzie. Slowly, as time passed by, I felt left out and alone and at one point of time, I could really not take it any longer. So an altercation had ensued which turned into a big fight. My repeated attempts at making it all right went futile. My frequent attempts at apologies went unheard. But even till today, when I climbed up to that skylight in that hot burning sun, I had not lost hope. I continued to fight. I knew she still loved me.

People asked me why I was still behind her. She had broken up with me even though I didheart felt apologies. She had decided to marry her childhood friend James, now that he was settled. I had only one answer – I loved her and I would fight until the last moment. I had gotten to know about the engagement and the wedding. I had climbed to the skylight, knowing there was a passage nearby somewhere which led me straight to the corridor near the bride’s room.

Why I had to climb to the skylight? That was purely because her family detested me and blamed me for our break up. Yes, I was to blame but I had not thought they would hold this against me for eternity. Now, I was seemingly barred from attending the wedding. But that is another story.

I went sideways, until I came to the spot where I knew the passage was. I pushed the cement block aside and climbed into a stony passage. I ran quick, my chest heaving with excitement and the usual hormonal rush.

I opened up a white door at the end and looked about. The corridor was empty and I climbed outside. I looked at my dress. Dirty it was. I cared not. I started running. Her room – 404 – lay just right near the stairways. Then I knocked.

It took three minutes for her to open up and when the door pulled inward, I saw her beautiful shocked face.

I bent on my knees and said, “I am sorry to have let my ego destroy our relationship. It was wonderful and you know it too. Do not deny it. I love you, you know that and you love me too, I know that. My heart tells me not to lose hope and I have not. I will keep fighting for you till the end of time and does this not declare how much I love you? Please, Lizzie, I have told you I am sorry a number of times and I will willingly do so till my life ends until you accept. Please come back to me as I am not whole without you. I have sorely missed you and this year has not been so good. I have lost my happiness but if you come back, everything can be what it once was. Will you?”

Lizzie looked at me and then she slumped back to the walls. “It is too late. I have loved you and you are my only true love. I should not have left you but now it is too late. I am already engaged.”

“It is never too late.” I answered.


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