8/31/12-Daily Prompt:

You begin to experience deja vu on a regular basis and realize you can now tell the future

Today’s Genre is Sci-Fi

I was sleeping on a bed with fine linen when the door knocked loud. I woke up with a start and opened the door to reveal Matt, a friend who had betrayed me two years back. He had returned. I loathed him now, so much I did not want to see him in front of me anymore and there he was. I was getting mad as he began to tell me how much of a monster I was and am. The fact that I was a warlock had made him distance himself from me and detest me. The fact that I could do magic made him hate me so much. He had a prejudice that all common people had. Witches and warlocks were evil and only wanted to cause harm. True the saying was that what people refuse to believe scares them. I had not done a thing to him and here he was calling me all sorts of names. My sleep was disturbed and I was frustrated. My mind was in a dizzy and my anger knew no bounds. My eyes contorted and suddenly, he dropped down to his knees coughing blood and then he lay dead on the floor.

I saw it now. This was not a dream but I had dreamed of the same thing two nights before. The only thing was the other person was a blur. Why was this happening to me? I was shaken by what had happened. I had not meant to kill him or hurt him. Why? Only my grandmother held the answers. I knew it.

When I called my grandmother, she told me I could see the future. I was quite shocked to respond.


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