Daily Prompt: What The Neighbors Saw

It took us less than two minutes to understand what our neighbors saw. To explain to them the real thing would be folly, we knew that. How were we supposed to tell them we were vampires and were having a fortnight party last night our place? If they got to know about us, they would be afraid of us and we did not want that. By we, I mean me and my girlfriend. We liked to socialize and blend in with the crowd. We were no longer monsters of the night. We could now walk in the sun and for the good of all, we as vampires had decided to blend in. We only drank blood from what our dealers supplied.

We did not want to disturb the peace, yet once in a fortnight we held those vampire type parties; a group of vampires hanging out with a small bunch of sorority girls. We had to have blood if we were to survive. These sorority girls would serve as blood bags although we never killed them, just compelled them to forget. Their wounds we would heal.

We always had this party in secret but last night had turned into something else. What the neighbors saw, how would we explain that? If we did, they would run scared or even laugh at us for playing cruel jokes. If we showed them the real us then they would never talk with us which defeated the purpose of blending in. How to tell them? No, the truth should be hidden.

What the neighbors saw were a bunch of my friends walking fast; it would seem like running at an extraordinary speed to humans and seeing this, Amelia and Richard had come to us this morning. cool and windy. There they sat now on the couch. We were standing with our mouths open not knowing what to tell.

Suddenly, I started speaking, “Amelia, Richard, what you saw was just a trick of your eyes. Nothing it was. Just a trick the darkness played on you. Perhaps you both were devoid of sleep.”

Richard was ecstatic. “No, I am sure I saw a figure.” he shouted.

My girlfriend looked at me and then said, “Often the darkness plays tricks. Trust us, Amelia, we used to walk in the dark.”

Amelia trusted us. She had also taught the same thing but Richard was not convinced. Amelia stood up, “Come on Richard, I told you so. It was just some dream. Come on.”

She pulled Richard away from the couch and they both left.

We heaved a sigh of relief as they went. We did not like lying but we had no choice. We had to survive and if lying and making it seem normal to others is what it takes, we were happy to do it again and again.

(Disclaimer: Written For Facebook Group Scribbler’s Ink Writers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/351022088275863/)


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