The Flash S02E01 Review/Recap

NOTE: This document contains spoilers.
I have been a TV addict for a long time now and being a fan of the comics, I have been very interested in how its TV adaptations pan out.
The Flash is a TV Show that airs every Tuesday 8/7c on the CW Network and is based on the comics with the same name. The Flash aka Barry Allen has always been one of my favorites among the DC Heroes and when it premiered last year, I was definitely excited about it. Especially since the success of Arrow.
Season 1 went really well. It depicted the journey of Barry as he began to accept his identity as The Flash and the season brought forward the mythology of The Reverse Flash and his conflict with Barry to the forefront in its latter half. The twists were amazing and the season’s end made me wait a lot. And after six months, The Flash has now returned, with its Season 2 premiering October 6.

The Flash Season 2 Poster
The Flash Season 2 Poster

Here’s my review for the S2 Premiere:
The premiere starts with The Flash dreaming about beating Captain Cold and Heatwave with the help of Firestorm. It was an excellent way to open the season. This episode was more in the feels and less development and action.
We see Barry struggling with regret and blaming himself for Ronnie’s death when the latter rescued him from the singularity. All through the episode he refuses to move on and push everyone away on the pretext of keeping everyone safe. And that doesn’t work in his favor at all. First, he gets almost KO’d by the Atom Smasher. Then he refuses to watch the video left by Harrison Wells. Then he goes and fights the Smasher again. He is beaten black and blue and only saved by Dr. Stein’s genius. When he finally confronts Caitlin about his inner feelings, he watches the video and that brings him hope. His father is finally free because Wells has confessed to the murder of his mother, Nora Allen. And then again, he is left broken. His father is leaving Central City. OOPS!!! And the last battle with the Smasher. The team is back together and the solution is to overload him with radiation. Then the word: ZOOM!!! I wonder when we will get to see him. The Season 2 BIG BAD!!!
We see Joe and Iris trying hard to convince Barry to attend the rally in the honor of The Flash. They tell him that they know that he has been secretly repairing the city from the damages caused by the singularity.
We see Cisco working as the scientific advisor for CCPD’s anti-metahuman squad. His comic timing as usual is excellent. He develops this boots but to no effect. But it is his going to Caitlin for help that gets her back into the team.
Caitlin is working at Mercury Labs, trying hard to get away from her previous life, wondering whether things would have been different if she had accepted Ronnie’s proposal to leave Central City. It is this exchange of feelings between her and Barry that enable them to move on forward.
And then the twisted ending. Despite the upgraded security, a mysterious man walks in and says “Your world is in danger.”
This show never ceases to amaze me and I am sure it will continue to do so in the future. Cannot wait for the next episode.


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